I have definitely become spoiled living in northern Michigan as far as traffic goes. Oh my! I don’t know how people deal with so many cars, so many stop lights and so many terrible drivers in Colorado now. There is no way you’re ever going to go anywhere quickly on the Front Range ever again until the Apocalypse! When I lived here as soon as you left Aurora the only thing in between Denver and Colorado Springs was Castle Rock and if you blinked you’d miss it.  Now it’s wall-to-wall houses and buildings continuously for the 70 some miles. And it’s the same way going north, I left Lafayette to go up to Fort Collins for school (70 miles) and the only thing you saw was a little bit of Loveland in the distance and the exit for Greeley now it’s nonstop traffic non-stop buildings and houses. I use to make that drive in 50 minutes & now it takes 90 plus minutes…. kind of breaks my heart. I guess when you have such a beautiful place year-round people want to live here. Another thing in today’s age of everything being electronic how is it that traffic lights still can’t be synchronized to move Mass amounts of cars smoothly without interruption? Do they realize that every time a car stops it causes more pollution than if it was just going a steady speed? Guess not???

It was great to catch up with some old friends at the Fly Fishing Show Denver! Blake Welch, thanks for taking the time to see us! Blake is responsible for our branding look, which I just love!! Please go see him if you ever need ANYTHING artistic, he’s a fantastic artist! www.welchcreativegroup.com Also saw my high school/Ft Collins buddies Carl Mendonca, went to jail because of this guy! Paul Klemperer my dirt bike partner in crime & previous own of Ty-Rite along with his wife Lori & Shannon Lundsford my Bus Stop nemesis & long time Ultimate teammate! Last I talk to Carl his two houses were in the path of the lava on Kapoho Bay, Hawaii then his phone was dead & he disappeared until Saturday, I thought he might have been petrified! Sad to say he lost the beach house his mom & dad built fifty-some years ago but his main house was spared. Shannon’s a grandpa again & everyone is doing well while Paul still makes the hour-plus trek to Wyoming for work every day! Always good to see these guys….

Saw Bill Kirk, world-renowned fly tier extraordinaire & probably Ty-Rites number one fan… seriously, the guy fishes with 5 or 6 Ty-Rites around his neck! Ran into Jarrett from Brook Cases, best fly box you’ll ever own! www.brookfishingequiptment.com  We had a great dinner at The Blue Moon Brewery Friday night after the show. I had a beer or two with my good friend Daniel Olsen from Wisconsin Saturday who just happened to be in Denver for the weekendworking so late Saturday night we went to a crazy bar called the Majestic Saloon.  Probably the most surprising visit was from Vikki Couple & her daughter Heather! Vikki worked for us at Louisville Glass way back when for years & when I left Colorado I think Heather was 3, maybe 4 & now she’s a mom!! Damn, I’m getting old!! Also made some new Friends, I love working in the fly fishing community such down to earth friendly people. Much different than what I was used to in the yachting industry….that’s all I’ll say about THAT! LoL 

We had a great show in Denver, it was a long three days after the crazy drive out here so I’m taking a couple days to organize my poor van and catch up on sleep! I head out for The Virginia Wine Tasting & Fly Fishing Expo Wednesday morning http://www.vaflyfishingfestival.com So until then, be kind to each other & do something special for a stranger, you may just change their day for the better!
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