Loaded Brook Fly Box


Made in the USA Ty-Rite Junior & Brook Fly Box filled with 50 flies!



These fly boxes are made in the U.S.A. to be tough and durable. From the strong ABS blended plastic outer shell that is impact resistant and can take falls on hard surfaces to our silicone inserts that outlast and outperform foam, The Brook Box will go the distance and protect your flies along the way.Silicone Inserts do not tear like foam, keeps barbed and barbless flies securely in place, and does not hold water preventing hooks from rusting.Floating: boxes will stay afloat if dropped in water for easy retrieval.Stainless Steel Hinge Pin will not rust and is ideal for saltwater.

50 High quality flies                              Siz                      Count

Bead Head Woolly Bugger, Black               14 & 16                   3 of each
Royal Wulff                                              14 & 16                   3 of each
Golden Ribbed Hares Ear                          14 & 16                   3 of each
Adams Dry Fly                                          14 & 16                   3 of each
Bead Head Zebra Midge                            16 & 18                   3 size 16, 5 size 18
Blue Wing Olive                                         14 & 16                   3 of each
Green Drake                                              14 & 16                   3 of each
Bead head Woolly bugger, Brown               14 & 16                   3 of each

One of our Made In The USA Ty-Rite Junior’s.



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