Fly Trap – XSM


Fly Trap – XSM Minimalist Pro Series



Fly Trap – XSM Minimalist Pro Series:

Patented silicone rubber design gives hooks a better grip than foam or faux fur can offer and rotates minimizing rub.  Barbed flies must pierce the silicone wall to ensure flies are trapped!  Securely store over a dozen flies and two dropper rigs without having to get into your fly box every time you need to rig-up.  Quickly ditch the flies and rigs that just aren’t working interchangeable and replaceable cylinders – collect multiple cylinders to quickly interchange custom selections or specific patterns.  Clip several tools onto the durable accessory loop.  Hold up to 4 spools of tippet or add an extra cylinder to hold 2X more flies.  Clip on vertically or horizontally


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